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Recovered COVID-19 Patients Needed to Give Blood for Critical Research.

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Thanks For Your Interest In Being A Research Champion

We are seeking qualified blood donors who would like to make a difference for kids and adults suffering from serious diseases.

The Be a Research Champion® Program at Key Biologics (A Cellero Company) relies on donors like you to help accelerate important research.

We offer donation opportunities at blood centers in and around Boston, Memphis and Tacoma, connecting your blood and immune cell donations with medical science professionals working to advance vital treatment research and development. As a Research Champion, you play a crucial role in helping patients.

Do You Qualify?

Every donor must meet simple, specific qualifications:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age, in good health, and meet general blood donor requirements.
  • Individuals diagnosed with a current illness may qualify for important Patient Studies. Please ask one of our staff members.
  • View the general health history questions you will be asked..
  • Donors will read and sign an Informed Consent document that will be explained in detail by a staff member. Read more about our Donor Screening Process.
  • If you have any questions about your eligibility to donate, call our staff at 901-252-3434.

Your blood donations are needed now more than ever.

Stay updated with the latest information on COVID-19 and blood donations.

Be a Part of Something Bigger

Support Medical Research

Blood donations can help medical science develop new treatments and advance cures for patients. A little of your time and blood can go a long way.

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Donate in as Little as One Hour

Visits can take from one hour to several hours, depending on the study and activity associated with the visit. Some studies require repeat visits and compensate accordingly.

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Competitive Compensation

For your time and effort, qualified donors are compensated for their time, travel, and generosity.

Help Drive Continued Research

Some studies may require repeat visits which will be compensated for accordingly. At each visit, our friendly staff will explain in advance what to expect.

Once you are an established donor, you may choose to be contacted for future donations based on your interest. Research for vital treatments and cures is ongoing.

Progress is made possible by donors like you.

Our Locations

We are headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee with multiple locations around the country. Each location may offer different donation opportunities, depending on current needs.

Lowell, Massachusetts
672 Suffolk Street
3rd Floor – Donor Services
Memphis, Tennessee
1256 Union Avenue
1st Floor – Donor Services
Tacoma (Puyallup), Washington
@ Cascade Regional Blood Services
615 East Pioneer Ave
Suite 114


About Key Biologics (A Cellero Company) & the Be a Research Champion® Program

Since 1999, Key Biologics has worked with local donors in our communities to provide blood and cell donations to medical and academic institutions around the world. As Research Champions, donors make a meaningful difference in the lives of others by making lifesaving patient care research and development possible.