HPV (Human Papllomavirus) Positive Patients Needed to Give Blood for Important Study

Researchers developing new therapies for HPV (Human Papillomavirus) need your help. HPV causes medical conditions ranging from skin growths to cancer. Patient blood cells are required to develop and test new treatments for HPV and related diseases before they can be used in clinical trials. Patients giving a whole blood sample or a small amount of white blood cells for these studies will not receive experimental treatment. Patients will keep their regular physician. Patients will be compensated for time and effort up to $300 per donation.

Participants must have received a positive HPV diagnosis.

To participate:   You must be in generally good health and have no active or chronic cardiac, respiratory, or renal disease. [Managed high blood will be evaluated for approval by the study physician.] Standard participation blood test results must be within normal limits, unless approved by the study physician.

Eligible Patients:

  • Males and Females
  • Ages 18-65 years
  • Weigh at least 110 pounds
  • Not be pregnant or nursing

Blood screening includes:

  • CBC, blood chemistry, infectious disease tests as done for standard blood donation and blood-based research

Patient Screening through interviews and questionnaires includes:

  • Diagnosis information, to confirm status
  • Medications taken, to identify condition management
  • Health history, to understand overall well-being

Donation Activities: Phone call(s) + 2-3 Appointments

  • Introductory appointment to discuss participation
  • Informed Consent explanation & completion
  • Health history and questionnaire explanation & completion
  • General physical exam, if required
  • Blood samples for lab tests
  • Blood donation procedure

Compensation: Up to $300 for time & effort. 

Patient Privacy & Welfare:  Personal Health Information (PHI) is protected & compliant with HIPAA. Blood donation activities comply with all state and federal regulatory laws and guidelines. Patient study is approved by the external Institutional Review Board (IRB) Advarra.